New accreditation to supervise research : Xavier LEGRAND

2014/10/31 in ENSAIT

Textile structures for composite applications: contribution to designing and modeling

Extensively to the needs of industry, my researches, especially the one conducted in collaboration with aerospace, affects all sectors. Wherever it is necessary to continually improve products, to understand the mechanical behavior of textile co-constituent composite materials or to invent new structures and machinery the manufacturing structures, my research developments can be useful. Textiles Structures Techniques for composite applications are, in fact, a strong component of this research, linking modeling to experimentation. Developments of different solutions and technological innovations are guided by design through experimental tests but also numerical modeling, and this for a main application: textiles for composite structures. The main objective is the mastery of the orientation and density of the fibers. This mastery combined with the specific nature of the fibers (mechanical properties of the fibers), to propose solutions throughout the textile reinforcement to optimize the mechanical properties of the composite part.

The wide topic of "Design and modeling of textile structures" includes applications as diverse as structural composites, boat sails, textiles for wetsuit or surf, textiles for tensile structures ... In all these applications, it is necessary to continually improve products, to understand the mechanical behavior of textile structures constituting them and even invent new structures and associated technologies to achieve them. So, technological developments are coupled to experimental approaches and simulations modeling structures. Thus, all the tools of Mechanical researcher being used: conventional methods of numerical computation, such as finite element analysis or homogenization techniques to non-linear discrete elements through optimization methods such genetic algorithms. To contribute to the use of composite materials in many industries, it is necessary to understand them better and work is specifically dedicated to textile reinforcements.

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