PhD Students and Post Doc

HCD = Human Centered Design

MTP = Multifonctional Textiles and Processes

MTC = Mechanics - Textile Composites

 GEMTEX PhD students

Last update : 20/02/2017


First name


Level in PhD

PhD thesis title


 Tarun Kumar


 3rd year

A Pattern Coding Based Intehral Tag for Textiles and Apparels of Sustainable Value Chains Pr Ludovic KOEHL



 2nd year

3D design process of clothing for women applied in corsetry and ballistic protection using 3D warp interlock fabrics Pr Pascal BRUNIAUX



 2nd year

Textile development incorporating organic bio measuring electrodes
Pr Vladan KONCAR



 1st year

  Pr Christine CAMPAGNE



 4th year

Study and development of a filter media based on a woven fabric to improve filtration performance in a filter press Pr Anne PERWUELZ



 2nd year

Environmental study of the increase of the life of the products. Apllication to linen textile garments Pr Anne PERWUELZ



 1st year

Development of personalized e-shopping services for sustainable textile consumption by mining fashion big data Pr Xiani ZENG



 1st year

Optimization of woven linen and hemp preforms for industrial applications Pr Damien SOULAT



 1st year

CONnected TEXTiles for on body-centric communications (projet CONTEXT)
Pr Vladan KONCAR



 1st year

  Pr Vladan KONCAR



 2nd year

Stitch reinforcement of preforms for composite applications Pr Damien SOULAT



 2nd year

Contribution to the creation of adaptive human morphotypes by morphological classification methods. Pr Pascal BRUNIAUX



 1st year

Experimental and numerical study of thermoforming of thermoplastic composites with comic textile structures Xavier LEGRAND



 2nd year

Development of the Supply Chain and Production Management System (SCPMS) for small series garments and textile products
Pr Ludovic KOEHL
 3rd year
Novel processes for functional and smart textiles Pr Christine CAMPAGNE
 Zhenglei  HE  1st year
Exploitation of manufacturing dynamical data for modeling, simulation and optimization of textile processes by using intelligent techniques" Pr Xiani ZENG
 Chan  HUI  1st year
Textile Renforcement Based on Advanced Textile Technology for Composite Manufacturing
 Sweta  IYER  2nd year
Surface processes to make bionic luminescent textiles using bio-based multifunctional products
 Marzieh  JAVADi TOGHCHI  2nd year
Protective garment for pregnant women against non-ionizing radiation using textile electromagnetic-shield, from electro-conductive hybrid yarns
Pr Christine CAMPAGNE
 Edwin  KAMALHA  4th year
Replacement of cotton fiber
Pr Ludovic KOEHL
 May  KAOUSHE  3rd year
Ecotechnologies for immobilising enzymes on conductive textiles, for sustainable development
 Maria  KULINSKA  5th year
Digital tools for developing customised co-design platform with integration of comfort and fashion
Pr Xiani ZENG and Pr Pascal BRUNIAUX
 Charles  LANCERON  2nd year
Contribution to the influence of textile implementation on crumpling, touch and breathability
Pr Damien SOULAT
 Henri  LANSIAUX  1st year
Manufacture and characterization of fabrics 3D interlock linen chain
Pr Damien SOULAT
 Mengru  LI  1st year
Development and characterization of 3D warp interlock fabrics for composite materials
Pr François BOUSSU
 Ke  MA  3rd year
Cluster-based collabrative model in textile and apparel for resilience
 Pr Xiani ZENG
 Neeraj Kumar  MANDELKAR  3rd year
Intergartion of wood waste to devlop multi-functional fully bio-based textiles structures
Pr Fabien SALAUN
 MAROLLEAU  3rd year Understand, analyze and document the mechanisms of underwear / skin interaction under transient thermic and water-related aspects in order to design innovative warm textiles to maintain an optimum cutaneous hydration threshold
Pr Fabien SALAUN
 1st year
Assessment of thermal comfort of FIR functionalized garments
Pr Fabien SALAUN
 2nd year
Multi-objective optimization of assembly line configuration in garmenty industry Pr Xiani ZENG
 Sarah  MOSLEH  1st year
Adaptive morphotype process for optimal ergonomic fit and thermal comfort modelling of garments for persons with spinal disabilities
 Manesh  MR KUMAR
 2nd year
Customization of orthopedic insoles for atypical plantar morphologies
 1st year
Biomimetic textiles for pollutant degradation (in air, water or soil) by immobilization of robust or extremozymes
 Adriana  PACHECO MARTINS  4th year
Fast Fashion - forecast and sustainable fashion supply chain development
 Jean  POURTIER  2nd year
Optimization of materials and process of stamping dry reinforcements
Pr Damien SOULAT
 Jagadish Chandra 
 ROY  3st year
Textiles for controlled release of active principles
Pr Fabien SALAUN
 Jain  SHEENAM  2nd year
Exploitation of fashion big data for developing customized garments and predicting evolution of fashion markets
 Sharma  SHUKIA  1st year
   Pr Xiani ZENG
 1st year
LCA and Eco-design in the field of Chemicals Removal from Textile Waste for Textile Recycling Pr Anne PERWUELZ
 TALBOURDET  3rd year
Development of a piezoelectric fiber for the creation of connected textiles
Pr Christine CAMPAGNE
 Shahood  UZ ZAMAN
 1st year
Standards for smart textiles and problems of connectivity and encapsulation of electronic devices in order to make textronic systems reliable and washable
Pr Vladan KONCAR
 Arthur  VOISIN  3rd year
New structural protection solutions to the effect of breath
Pr François BOUSSU
 Melissa  WAGNER  2nd year
Expectation and Perception of Consumers for Ethical Fashion Brands and Impact on the Purchase
 Kaichen  WANG  1st year
Development of an intelligent and green fashion supply chain tracking system ? from intelligent and green fibe to fabric to garment, using a coding tag fully integrated into textiles
Pr Ludovic KOEHL
 Yan  XIANG  2nd year
Design of biphasic polymeric fibre from melt-spinning filled with nanoparticles ? Effects of the nanoparticles location, dispersion and distribution to obtain a surface functionalized fibre
 Pr Xiani ZENG
 Shenglei  XIAO  1st year
  Pr Damien SOULAT
 Hong  YAN  4th year
Customized garment design system for elderly people pr persons with physical disabilities from body scan data Pr Xiani ZENG
 Shengchang  ZHANG  1st year Design of double-layered microcapsule shell by electrospraying route for functional coating of fibers and textiles
Pr Fabien SALAUN
 ZHAO  1st year Realization of an intelligent garment for monitoring the state of well-being of the fetus and the pregnant woman
Pr Ludovic KOEHL





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