NANOLAC to continue until December 2013


The GEMTEX continues its Franco-Belgian collaboration with Materia Nova and the National Graduate School of Chemical Engineering, Lille, in the NANOLAC program which recently received an 18-month extension. Through its work on polylactic acid (PLA), a synthetic polymer material made ​​from renewable resources, the lab shows its commitment to placing its research activities in the context of sustainable development and to implementing new functional textile products that are environmentally friendly.

After working on the antibacterial properties of this spinnable loaded material we continue the development of a multifunctional textile prototype, able to combine bacteriostatic properties with improved fire performance, for applications in the field of land transport.

Those from ENSAIT who are involved in the extension of this program: C. Campagne, M. Ferreira, O. Naymeh, E. Devaux, A. Cayla.

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